Do you know how is a magnet formed?

6 min readAug 16, 2020

How is a magnet formed? Knowing this is an interesting thing in itself. About 600 years ago, a stone was found at a place called Magnesia, which had the property of attracting small pieces of iron to itself. It was called Magnet. Which is called Chumbak in Hindi language. It is magnite ore which is iron oxide.

Today, I am going to give you complete information about magnet as well as introduce you to such facts which are unbelievable and unimaginable which you would never have heard. Talking about magnets, humans of ancient times discovered many such substances on the earth which affect the human body and their functions. And they have a special effect on the lives of humans and their diseases. One such substance was discovered by humans which is called magnet. It showed the power that attracted an object made of iron.

Chumbak kaise banta hai? How is a magnet formed
So, if you want to know how a magnet is made, then I will tell you an interesting thing in advance and in the next post we will learn about its other ways.
Chumbak kaise bnta hai? (How is a magnet formed?)
An easy way of how a magnet is formed is if you bury an iron rod for some time in the direction in which an independent magnetic needle hangs. So that rod becomes a magnet and it has the properties of magnetism. By the way, today, the use of magnets is now being used in the field of medicine as well. The magnetic power has made the treatment of many diseases possible. And a magnetic therapy center has also been established in India.

So friends, here is a small way, now in the next post, how does a magnet become a natural magnet along with other methods? , Types of magnets, permanent magnets, ……….., what metal is a magnet made of. You will get information about etc.
Chumbak kitane prakar ke hote hain? (What are the different types of magnets?) -
Talking about the type of magnet, there are two types.
1. Natural Magnet
2. Artificial Magnet
What is a natural magnet? (Prakritik chumbak kya hai?) -
Natural magnets are magnets that are found independently in nature, they are not made by humans. Such as magnetite etc. They are also called Lodestone.
Their magnetism is not strong and their shape and size are uncertain. Therefore they are not used in experimental and scientific works.
Artificial magnet
The magnets that are made by artificial means, which are made by humans, are called artificial magnets. They are mostly made of iron, steel and nickel. Their shape and size is fixed.
Talking about the type of artificial magnet, there are two types -
1. Permanent magnet
2. Temporary Magnet
Sthai chumbak kya hai? (What is permanent magnet?) -
Permanent magnets as it is known by their name that their magnetism is permanent. But magnetic force is less powerful in them. Their power remains fixed. They retain their magnetic properties for a long time. Special arrangements have to be made to defrost them. They are made from hard magnetic materials. Some examples of these are as follows.
Metallic magnets (nickel, cobalt), ferrite magnet, albico magnet, samarim-cobalt-magnet, neodynam-iron-boron magnet, single molecule magnet, single chain magnet, nano structure magnet, etc.
Permanent magnets are made?
To make a permanent magnet, a material that has a greater area of ​​the zenith curve and less time to hold the magnetization and more time to demagnetize. So the most suitable of such materials are steel and steel. The holding power of steel is much higher than that of soft iron.
Method of making permanent magnet
Steel, cobalt and nickel metals are required to make permanent magnets. This magnet is made by mixing them.
It is used in dielectric ammeter, voltmeter etc. It is also used in DC motors and large generators.
Temporary magnet
Temporary magnets are magnets whose magnetization is not permanent. That is, it is only for a short time. We can also call a temporary magnet an electromagnet. Their magnetic force is more powerful. Its magnetic force can be increased by changing the number of turns in its coil. In these, the magnetic properties cease as soon as the current is closed. Hence these are called temporary magnets. Electromagnets are used to lift heavy goods in large factories. Whatever material has to be lifted, an iron rail is tied on it. As the current flows in the electromagnet, it becomes an electromagnet and easily lifts the derailed load. Electromagnets are used in research. With this, Faraday invented the Farad-related light effect, Zeeman the Zeeman effect and Kerr invented the Kerr effect.
What material are made of electromagnets.
To make an electromagnet, you must have a soft iron rod and an electrically insulated copper wire, and along with these you will also need an electrical current.
Method of making electromagnet

Chumbak kaise banta hai

It has a soft iron rod. Which is bent as a groove or horseshoe. On this, we wrap copper wire. After this, when the current flows in it, a magnetic field is created around the rod. And it behaves like a magnet.
Chumbak ke gun (properties of magnets) -
1. Magnet has the property of attracting objects made of magnetic materials towards iron.

2. When hanging a rod magnet freely, it always stays in the north-south direction.

3. Bringing poles similar to magnets leads to repulsion and attraction to unequal poles nearby.

4. The magnets are always in the North, South Pole of N-S pair. Their existence alone is not possible.

5. Its existence is destroyed by banging and heating the magnet.

6. Electricity can be made from a magnet.

7. In all magnets, the pole strength of both the fluids is equal.

8. No magnet can be magnetized beyond its saturated state. And its magnetic field is invisible.

9. If any other magnetic material, such as iron, nickel, cobalt is placed near the magnet, it also generates magnetic properties.
10. If any magnet is divided into pieces, new poles are generated in each piece.

Use of magnets (Chumbak ke upyog) -
1. Using a magnet, data is preserved on the hard disk of the computer by placing a thin magnetic layer on it.

2. Magnetic stripe is also used in credit cards, debit cards and ATM cards etc. On which some information is recorded.

3. It is also used in TV and computer monitors.

4. Magnet is used to find things that are too small, cannot reach genes or can not be seen with eyes.
5. Magnet is also used in the case of iron magnetized ore.
Uses of permanent magnets
Permanent magnets are used in loud speakers, dynamo meters, magnetic needles, etc.
Use of temporary magnets
Temporary magnets are used in electric bells, electric motors, electric generators, MCBs, electrical equipment, etc.
How would you identify the pole of a magnet?
To identify the pole of a magnet, you must have a rod magnet. You have to freely hang the rod magnet with a thread. As you may be aware, the magnet consists of the North Pole and the South Pole (South pol and North pol) (N-S). When you hang it freely, it will stop in the north and south direction. The vein that faces north will be the south pole of the magnet and the south side will be the north pole of the magnet. So you will be able to identify the magnetic pole like this.

In today’s time magnet has a huge contribution from electronic to medical field. I have tried to explain almost all the methods of how a magnet is formed. I hope you find this post very helpful for you. In between friends posts, I have provided links to some other posts, if you want, you can also read them. If you still have any doubt, feel free to ask us in the comments. We will solve it. Thank you!